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Coming Summer 2024

The Future of Water Filtration

We are determined to solving one of
humanity's greatest problems:
simple access to clean drinking water


Our water is getting worse while our government and existing brands are failing to respond

Aging Infrastructure

The average U.S. water utility network pipe is 45 years old.

It will take decades and billions of dollars to replace these aging systems that are already leaching contaminants into our water supply.

Poor Regulation

Legal does not mean safe.

The federally established limits for common contaminants in water are often times 10-100x scientifically established safe limits for contaminants.

Ineffective Solutions

Legacy companies in consumer water filtration have not made significant improvements in decades.

Our competitors haven't updated their filter technology in years to stop the contaminants that are in today's water.

The solution

The New Water Filtration Ecosystem

Rorra will be a modern and highly-effective set of consumer water filtration products designed to protect families where they consume their water, without requiring additional plumbing.

New Technology: Rorra utilizes propriety filter technology with lab-grade filter media to remove more contaminants than our competitors.

High Quality Materials: High grade stainless steel-dominant designs to minimize the use of plastics and prevent plastic leaching into your water.

Usability: Products that work anywhere and don’t require additional plumbing to implement.