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Our Story

It all begins with water

Our Values


Committed to enhancing well-being by significantly reducing exposure to harmful contaminants that affect our everyday life.


We relentlessly pursue excellence in every aspect of our supply chain, from materials selection to the precision of our filtration technologies.


Dedicated to user experience, we ensure high-quality products and exceptional support that our customers can rely on.


Honesty in our business practices, transparency about our products' efficacy and capabilities are paramount to us.


Dedicated to constant innovation and improvement, driven by customer feedback and a commitment to research and development.


We believe in supporting healthier individuals and families through easier access to highly purified water.

A New Water Filtration Ecosystem
Launching 2024

We are building a modern and highly-effective set of consumer water filtration products designed to protect individuals and families where they consume their water, without requiring any plumbing work.


Products that work anywhere and don’t require additional plumbing to implement.


Best-in-class filters to protect consumers better than the competition.


Stainless steel-dominant designs for long-lasting use and to minimize the use of plastics.